A French Mani…with a twist

I love a french manicure. Peach or nude are my favourites, but either way – it will always be a classic look.

I’ve always experimented with colour, and recently I wanted to see what shades would work well with a French manicure.

I’d tried dark raspberry and black before, but the colours/shade was so similar that it didn’t stand out…although it did look great as subtle style. I finally went for a gold and black mix, after becoming inspired by the A/W trends baroque and dark/gothic, with the luxe gold detailing and black leather tailoring.

I used Barry M Black for the main part of the nail, and Barry M effects Gold Foil for the tip. One tip I picked up from doing home French manicures is to make the white, or coloured, tip shape match the curve of your cuticle, to ensure a more natural finish. I finished with Barry M clear/topcoat.

Let me know what you think! Have you experimented with coloured French mani’s? Post a link to your blogs/images if you have, or for any other nail trends/colours.

Thanks for reading!
A x

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Outfit – Being a WAG

Ok…so, today my boyfriend is playing in a football match. I agreed to come and watch, like a supportive girlfriend…but it’s chucking it down!! (I’m currently sat in his car, sheltering from said downpour)

Prior to the rain it was a nice day, so I decided to get the most out of my summer pastels before it’s definitely A/W. I wear Converse sooo much. I have a few pairs, but I love my plain white pumps the best – they’re so comfy, and really versatile.

Omg, its just started hailing – and lightening!!!

I love pastel shades, and mint or pale pinks are probably my favourites. The jeans I’m wearing we’re a great buy from Primark. The only problem is I’m quite tall (5ft 11″) so their jeans always come up quite short, and they don’t always wash so well. Despite that, they were so cheap that it doesn’t really matter – its called disposable fashion for a reason!

The jumper is a new purchase today, from New Look. It is really baggy, and it isn’t itchy or too thick – ideal for the transition between summer (have we really had summer yet?!) to autumn fashion. The necklace is vintage Miss Selfridges.

20120825-024044 PM.jpg

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Outfit – Work (August)


Today I opted for a simple outfit for work. Minimal accessories, just a grey oversized handbag and my glasses. (The image is available below…)

I wore a black pencil skirt from DP, with a really understated peplum – great if you want to try the trend, but don’t want a really over the top peplum. The top was a great buy from Primark – the zip on the back is for design only, it’s not functional.
The faux leather jacket is from MissGuided online, and has a detachable shearling collar, and zips on the sleeves. It was such a great buy and I have worn it so much over the last year!
My glasses were from the £85 range at Specsavers. They are so comfortable, and I love the design along the arms of the frames.

What do you think to the outfit? How could it be updated for AW2012?

Thanks for reading,
A x

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Nail Colour Trends


I have A LOT of nail varnish. I seriously love the stuff. It makes it so easy to change an outfit – It’s like a quick accessory that you can use to match pretty much any style. 

The only problem is…when you have sooo many colours (I have over 10 different shades of pink!) it makes it that much harder to choose!

I recently asked my Facebook friends and Twitter followers what their favourite Nail Varnish brand is. The posts had barely been there 30 seconds before I was inundated with a majority response of…Barry M! 

Now, I did get some other responses, too, such as Nails Inc (fab) and Kiko – special mention to Bourjous for their 10 day lasting varnish – but most of my friends all agreed that Barry M was the best!

Barry M do have an amazing range of colours, from pastels, neons, darker shades to nail art designs. It could also be because they are quite cheap too. What ever the reason is, it’s obv that I love them…and that I’m not alone!

So, I’ve just wiped off the last specs of the black glitter from this week (without fail, I change my nail varnish AT LEAST once a week – I get bored easily…) and I’m now about to undertake the challenge of deciding which colour to choose.

After just watching Zoella’s latest Monthly favourites vlog, It’s persuaded me to try a new colour I recently purchased – Shade 136 Tangerine by Barry M (Shock! Haha). Its a shimmery neon orange, almost close to being a coral. 

Prior to applying the base coat (Barry M Clear), I used a fantastic product called Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I rubbed a small amount into my cuticles, and left for 30-60 seconds before applying a single base coat.

It. Smells. AMAZING. Seriously, lush. Like…really fresh, with a hint of lemon? Not too overbearing.

Now…the only problem with applying nail varnish is I am notoriously rubbish at painting my nails with my left hand – they smudge and I get the varnish all over my fingers. When I lived in Halls at Uni, my flatmate used to rinse me alllll the time about how hideous my nails looked after I changed the colour! 

Below is a pic of the finished product…let me know what you think. Also, comment on this post any nail colours or brands that you are loving at the minute, and any nail art trends you are working.

For example…are you loving pastels right now? Do you think that come A/W2012 with the fab goth/biker and dark florals trends, that pastels will change to dark, romantic nail shades…or would a pastel colour pop work great with a darker colour pallette?? Please, let me know how you plan to rock nail art this A/W.

Thanks for reading!

A x

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Ps. Just logged on to YouTube and saw that ViviannaDoesMakeup had just posted about Essie nail varnish – another fab brand def worth checking out. Check out her video here.


Hello World!


Now, I’m not entirely new to the blogosphere.

However, I wanted to start a blog purely devoted to something I love – FASHION. I’ve been watching several vloggers on YouTube recently, reading lots of beauty blogs and I keep thinking “I want to do that!”.

So, here I am!

I don’t really have an aim for this blog. I just want to write about trends, products and styles that I like, and I hope that you enjoy it!

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Thanks for reading,

A x