An up do with very little ‘up’

Hi! Sorry for not posting in a while!

I recently received quite a few compliments (thanks!) about a hair style I wore a few weeks back.

The look only uses hair slides/bobbie pins, and is really simple to do.

Section your hair into 2-4 inches (depending on the thickness of your hair, the size of your pins, and the look you’re going for – a more slick look will want smaller sections, but a larger, more voluminous look will require larger sections), back comb each individual section, then grip in place.

In the images below I’ve used contrasting hair slides so you can see how the look is put together – but accessorised hair slides look great for an updated evening style.

To secure the look, I either spritz with hair spray, or apply a small amount of serum or wax to any fly always.

If you have any questions about the look, please leave them in the comments box below.

Thanks for reading!
A x

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20120925-102219 PM.jpg

20120925-102246 PM.jpg

20120925-102336 PM.jpg


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