It’s true. I’m a hair dye addict.


So, one thing you may have noticed from my blog is my ever changing hair colour…

I have dyed my hair since I was 16 (that’s just over 6 years ago) and I have had well over 20 changes in colour, cut and style since then (!)

My only advice? Treat your hair with care! I had to have my hair cut short because I bleached it too much! Use treatments, protect it when you style it, and try to wait between dyes.

Check out a brief recap of my hair history below!

See you soon,

Alice x

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Outfit: Navy and Black Sparkle


The weather in the UK has gone from ‘beer garden hot’ to snowing in the last 7 days, so outfits this week have been pretty hit and miss.

On paper, black and navy can sound quite dull – but with the right clothes it can look classy. I chose grey tights as an alternative to a bare leg or dark opaque black for a daytime look.

If I was going to wear this outfit at night to an event, I’d wear black wedge heels, and dark black tights – but I’d keep the sequinned jacket.

Let me know what outfits you’ve been wearing recently in the comments box below!

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

A x

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My Pinterest Tip 10 Pins – 23rd February 2013


Social Media is a funny business isn’t it? There are so many different sites that are maybe too niche to ever really take off. But some – take your Facebooks and Twitters for example – that have one simple idea, and it really works.

For example, I love Pinterest. It’s that simple idea that you can share content that you like – and that’s it. No status updates, just pictures and videos of things you love.

I started using Pinterest just to browse the gorgeous images of beaches, and to look at the fashion photography littering the popular pins page.

However, after a while – especially when I started my own blog – I started to pin, repin, upload and like every day, it’s quite addictive to be honest!

Everything from fashion, beauty, home décor and tattoo ideas are included in my favourites pins, and the list is currently over a thousand, and I have only been ‘pinning’ for 12 months.

One of my favourite things about Pinterest is you can search through Pin’s, even if you aren’t following the person. So, unlike Facebook for example, you can discover so much more because the search is pretty much limitless (unless you’ve privatised your account…!) I love finding international fashion, and beauty tips from across the globe. I also love seeing images my friends have uploaded, all in the same feed. I get so many tips and ideas for my own style and blogs from Pinterest, and I love the people that embrace that type of Social Media.

Every week I’m going to post my top 10 favourite pins from the previous 7 days. I’ll link the image, and the pinner, so you can find the original and repin it too, if you love it! There aren’t any rules with my top 10, the pins can vary from fashion, beauty tips, hairstyles, photography, cookery, home design…etc anything which looks fab, and that I personally think has been a great pin that week. I haven’t been approached by any of the pinners to feature their pin, but if I have – then it will be marked with a *.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and please comment in the box below if you’d love to see a themed Pins of the week post!

See you soon!

A x

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(Click on the grid image below to see the original pins, direct on my Pinterest page!)

My Top 10 pin’s of last week, in no particular order, were…

Pinterest top 10 feb 2013


Sunday Night Eats


Latest OOTD is below, let me know what you think! The jacket is a bargain from Primark, and it fits so well – especially for a tall girl like me!

Let me know what outfits you’ve been wearing recently, I always love to hear from you!

A x

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