How to: Make your own tie up crop vest

I have so many cropped tops.

I have colour block ones, plain ones, text ones, patterned…. You get it, I have a lot.

But, despite this, I still wanted more!

I had an old, slightly battered I heart NY top from Primark that I thought was the perfect contender to show you how to make your own. Enjoy!

Step 1. Find a t shirt. (Maybe test on a top that you don’t mind ruining first, or just to check the cut/measurements for your new crop top) I’m fairly tall, so where I’ve cut mine might not work for you if you’re really petite – for example.

Step 2. Cut roughly a cm/inch around the neck seam, and remove.

Step 3. Remove the sleeves, and cut to roughly 2cm below the seam. (Cut more if you want a deep vest style, great for little bralet or bandeau tops in the summer!)

Step 4. Try the top on. Adjust and style to work for you, and work out where is best to cut across for the tie up front detailing. Make a pencil mark just below the chosen line, so when cutting across you aren’t left with a pencil line.

Step 5. Cut in a straight line from the outside in, roughly a quarter of the total width. Mark the middle of the shirt for complete accuracy, and to help with the tie front.

Step 6. Roughly cut out two triangles for the tie. They don’t need to be perfect, because they will be tied up eventually.

Step 7. Cut off the back section of the lower half, so your top is now fully cropped, with the two tie sections left.

Hey presto! Your top is complete!

Below are the pictures to help, and also some styling ideas I will be wearing with my new crop.

See you soon!
A x

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