Fashion for a fiver: The top 5 fashion sites when you’re on a budget

Summer was great, wasn’t it? Us Brits are always thought of as moaners when it comes to the weather (UK Storm, helloooo?!), but this summer some pretty glorious weather graced our shores for a good few weeks.

Yes, I know, if you are lucky enough to live in the southern hemisphere, and have the luxury of sun soaked days the majority of the year, then our quaint 28’ might not hit the spot, but for some of us stay-cationers, it made my summer.

But as the haze of summer becomes a distant memory, we came hurtling into an autumnal slump, with a big windy slap round the face – cheers Mother Nature! 😉

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been left thinking how you can dress for the weather, or any occasion, without breaking the bank. If you want to keep wrapped up and toastie on the way to college, uni or work, or just want to find the perfect party season outfit with money to spare, then this top 5 should help you add to your wardrobe without subtracting too much from your bank balance.

5) Tesco.
I know what you’re thinking! ‘Fashion…Tesco…really??’ It might be a bit of a curveball, but Tesco/F&F has upped its game recently, churning out some pretty decent pieces for purse tightening shoppers.

Best for: a wide range of winter coats, to a partnership with AX Paris leading to several nice LBDs.

4) Own the Runway 

Own the runway
Loved by The Saturdays, Own The Runway is a cheap online store, focussing around the latest runway trends. Love keeping up with the latest fashion, but dread your bank balance? Check out Own the Runway for a quick fashion fix which doesn’t require a loan from the bank of Mum and Dad.

Best for: Celebrity fashion dupes and bargain accessories and footwear.

3) She Likes 

Heard of it? You should do! Items from She Likes have been featured in Heat magazine, along with the likes of the Made in Chelsea cast being spotted out and about wearing She Likes. But this isn’t the only thing adding to She Likes style and bargain credentials. The self penned ‘Minimum Wage Dress’ caused a stir on Twitter after the website was inundated with requests, and at less than £4 it’s no wonder.

Best for: Extensive celebrity fashion trends and gorgeous on-trend footwear

2) Primark 
Available on most British high streets, Primark has pretty much established its self as the bargain fashion store. Sometimes hit and miss, but if you’ve got the time to spare you can find yourself some real beauties. Ideal time to shop at Primark? Try early mornings to find everything neat and tidy, and the best range of sizes.

Best for: Completely affordable fashion, and a huge basics range.

1) Asos 

The solely online retailer boasts a huge catalogue of some 60,000 branded and own label products, ranging from rock bottom prices to eye watering designer gems. Don’t worry though, they regularly run sales, and if you’re an online member you can sign up to email alerts so you know when the next sale hits the net. They even have their own Marketplace, allowing users to sell and buy vintage fashion, with a Name Your Price option – so you can find an individual gem at a price you’re willing to pay. Pretty ingenious, right?

Best for: their massive range of products – you can pretty much find anything on here, as well as a credible range of accessories, shoes, dresses…they’ve got everything!

So, there it is! The top 5 bargain fashion sites! Would you pick these? Where there any sites I missed out? Let me know in the comments box below if you would pick these as your top 5.

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See you soon!
Alice x


(Images used taken from respective websites. I don’t own these images)


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