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As you may have read in yesterdays blog post, this December I’m setting out to write a blog post per day, all linking to the festive season!

Now if you’re anything like me, you see the days getting shorter, temperatures getting colder and then BAM. Rubbish hair and crappy complexion.

It sucks, I KNOW.

But why in winter? Well, extreme sun exposure burns our skin in the summer, but changes in temperature also affect the composure of your skin. According to WEB Md and Allure (http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2013/10/how-to-treat-chapped-lips.html) (THE beauty bible), changes in your skin and hair in winter are actually due to lower levels of humidity, leading to dehydration – which can be reversed if you treat it with the right products.

The plus side? The solutions don’t have to be medical, they won’t break your bank, and can easily be found in a high street beauty store. So, breath a sigh of relief, and read on to save your hair and skin this Winter.

Butter moisturisers. Creamier products will apply deeper moisture to the skin, but can often block pores and lead to outbreaks during summer months. However, during Winter they can help your skin recover after periods of exposure to cold weather, by protecting your skin with additional hydration. Try Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter range for great results, as well as a great smell. If you don’t want to wear a heavier moisturiser during the day, save your skin whilst you snooze with a night cream. They are traditionally ‘creamier’ (no, really?!) and can help your skin without blocking pores during the day. A personal favourite is Boot’s No7 Restore and Renew Night Cream. It’s normally a bit pricey, but it’s currently on 3 for 2 in Boots!

Leave in conditioners. It’s hard to get out of bed as it is, without throwing dark Monday mornings in to the mix. Seriously, who decided that was ok?! When you’re rushing to get out of the house, and a quick blow dry and straighten will just have to do. This, coupled with icy wind and pollution aren’t great for your ‘do, so it’s a great idea to chuck a leave in conditioner into your shower routine. Try Lee Staffords Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment. Leave it in for 5-10mins, or my trick is sleeping in it over night and washing it out the next morning. Now, it’s an understatement to say ‘I sometimes dye my hair’, so I use this regularly, but my friends with natural hair colours love this in Winter. Maybe try adding a small wash of your normal conditioner, just on the tips if you want an extra rinse with a fresher smell in the morning.

Lip balm. Sleep in it! It might seem massively obvious, but applying it and then having 40 winks means you wake up with smooth lips and less cracks. You don’t even need to invest in a new product, just continue using your favourites! Another tip is to drink more water than normal. 2litres a day is the national suggested average, it’s not a guideline for everyone. For example, toddlers don’t need that much, and 6ft7″ rugby players will need more. Just add an extra glass or two to keep chapped lips and dry skin at bay. You’ll thank me later

Do you use anything else to keep rubbish winter skin at bay? Is there anything you think I should’ve added, or any tips you want to share? Feel free to share them below in the comments, or tweet me with your tips.

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Happy blogmas!

Alice x


September favourites

So, it’s been a while, huh?!

Let me explain. 2013 has been a mixed year. Plenty of highs, and horrible lows, but after changing jobs to start working in London, everything is starting to look up! Any way, life update over!

I often find myself overwhelmed in Boots or Superdrug, with shelves and shelves of similar looking products, all boasting similar little miracles. Honestly, one thing that helps me out is other bloggers monthly favourites videos, showcasing repeat purchases or new favourites, helping me to cut through the crap and get to the goodies you’ve all been raving about.

So, in a bid to give back to all you wonderful monthly reviewers, here is my first monthly favourites blog. Enjoy!

1) L’oreal Wild Ombrès. Late to the bandwagon, I KNOW, but it’s standing the test of time for me. I went for the darkest shade of L’oreals Wild Ombré, but left it on slightly longer than advertised, and promptly bleached the ends of my hair leaving it in need of some tlc! See favourite no.4 for the recovery process 😉

2) L’oreal Caresse Lipstick (shade 03/Lovely Rose). I’ve never been a ‘bright lip’ kind of a girl (more smokey eyes if I’m honest), so I pretty much only have pretty pinks or pale nudes in my make up bag. So, even though I have several shades of pink, L’oreals Caresse is so gorgeously soft, and he colour lasts so long. Big, big fan.

3) Escada ‘Cherry in the air’. OHMYGOSH. I was given this as a gift from my extremely generous boyfriend (after previously purchasing another Escada perfume) and was initially unsure over the sweetness of it’s successor. However, it is honestly gorgeous, and I have had so many compliments over the scent that I’m seriously considering stockpiling this limited edition beauty!

4) Richard Ward: The Chelsea Collection. Now, I was sent these products to review, but I wouldn’t be putting them in a monthly favourites if they hadn’t completely changed the quality of my hair over the last 30 days. As you’ve previously read, I loveeee a good hair dye session, and am no stranger to a bottle of bleach. This is great for my short attention span and lack of interest in one hair colour, but not so great when my conditioner has to pick up the pieces. So, ombre applied, I washed out the dye and my hair was a little worse for wear. I tried a couple of hair masks, which worked for a day or two, but I needed something long term. This range worked so well that I’m defiantly investing in the set. My hair has not only been restored to it’s previous glory, but it is growing again, too. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go hell for leather with a bottle of bleach and use this to manage the peroxide results, but it helped me regain the silky smooth locks I once only thought possible for my ‘play-it-safe’ brunette phases.

So, any thoughts? I’ll be uploading a fashion favourites soon too (ASOS anyone?!), so feel free to tweet me or reply to this blog with any suggestions, and any of your monthly favourites.

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Ahhh. It feels good to be back 🙂

A x

Lunch Date

Lunch Date

H m blouse
$23 – hm.com

Bardot space print legging
$19 – bardot.com.au

Flat shoes

Teardrop earrings

H M gold knot bracelet
$9.04 – hm.com

Forever 21

AERIN lip makeup


Lunch Date

Lunch Date

H m blouse
$23 – hm.com

Bardot space print legging
$19 – bardot.com.au

Flat shoes

H M gold knot bracelet
$9.04 – hm.com

Forever 21


Dress code #1: Workwear

Have you ever been invited to an event, job interview or party, and been completely baffled by the dress code, especially if its so vague? Imagine being invited for an interview at a company you know wear jeans and hoodies on a daily basis. Should you wear a smart outfit for the interview, or go in something more casual?

In this blog series, I’m aiming to bring you some simple ideas about how to adhere to vague dress code requests, for a variety of situations. Let me know what you would wear, and if you like these outfits you can link to my Polyvore for more of my boards!

First up is Workwear.

I’ve worked in a few different offices, but one thing has maintained throughout. The darker the colour of your clothes, the smarter it appears. I know it sounds strange, but imagine if you wore a bright pink summer dress. It would look very casual. But, if you wore the same dress in a dark purple, or even black, it would instantly look a lot smarter.

So many factors will affect your available fashion choices. Your offices code of conduct, how other people dress and the season will all factor in to what you can and can’t wear. But always remember to wear something which makes you feel comfortable. Just because every girl in the office is wearing sky scraper stilletos, it doesn’t mean you can’t crack out your little black flats. Stick to what works for you, but style it to look best for your new office environment.

A few things I’ve picked up are…

  • Hem lines.Whether it’s your trousers, chinos, pencil skirt or dress – make sure they are neat. Also, a general unwritten rule, is your skirt shouldn’t really come above your knees. A little prehistoric, I know, but it looks so much smarter when your dress covers your bum – especially in unpredictable British weather! A trick for longer looking lengths on black skirts is to wear thicker black tights. It’s creates the illusion of a slightly longer skirt. Just, fyi….
  • Trends Just because it’s in fashion right now, doesn’t mean you can’t wear it for the office. Wearing a peplum top over slim leg suit trousers looks chic, and teaming it with plain black pumps or heels can take your look up a notch.

Essentially, whilst each office is different, dress codes for workwear normally just want their employees to look presentable, and ready to meet customers. Messy hair and ripped jeans are normally big no-no’s, and some employers are even adding ‘No Leggings’ to their contracts to fit in with recent fashions.

Below is an idea I’ve put together for office wear. Let me know what you think, and if you would wear something similar! I’d love to see your ideas to, so if you have a Pinterest board or Polyvore account feel free to link it below.

A x

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Dress code #1: Workwear

Joules crew neck shirt
$92 – vanmildert.com

Double breasted trench coat
$995 – aquascutum.co.uk

Stella mccartney

Rupert sanderson shoes

Pieces shoulder bag
$50 – pieces.com

Why blog?

It’s a question I get asked A LOT. “Why do you blog?”

It started as a want – I’d always wanted to blog – but felt I needed a subject to write about, before I could just start. I tried a personal blog, more an online diary, but felt it wasn’t the right fit.

So, after a little while, I started to right draft blog posts about my fashion and beauty ideas, and from there I launched this blog you’re reading now.

I use my blog as a style diary too. I love to look at what other people are wearing, especially girls my own age from all corners of the globe. I like to try out my own spin on fashion trends, and I love looking back at old blog posts of my favourite bloggers to see how they have changed, and how their style has developed too.

But, why me? Why fashion?

I love the thought of working in fashion or beauty one day, but I didn’t really take a big interest until I was in my late teens. Growing up, I loved sport more than fashion, and spent my days in various sport kits, attending competitions or training. I didn’t really have time to take an interest in clothing, or makeup. But, at university, I really started to notice mix of girls, and how they interpreted trends. Going to somewhere with such a massive mix of people, from all over the UK, and even the world, really introduced me to more styles than I could have ever seen in my hometown.

So, effectively, I’m pretty new at the this!

I’m learning new things every day, and I want to write about my approach to fashion, and introduce other beginners to it too. When I have built up a few more blog posts, I’m really excited about launching a YouTube channel too, with trend and beauty reviews, body shape advice, and style tips.

Why do you blog? Is it something you just love doing, or do you have other reasons for it? Have you ever thought of vlogging too, or creating make up tutorials online? Or, have you never blogged, but thought about launching one?

Let me know, I love to hear from you 🙂 x

20130417-123646 PM.jpg

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Outfit: Navy and Black Sparkle


The weather in the UK has gone from ‘beer garden hot’ to snowing in the last 7 days, so outfits this week have been pretty hit and miss.

On paper, black and navy can sound quite dull – but with the right clothes it can look classy. I chose grey tights as an alternative to a bare leg or dark opaque black for a daytime look.

If I was going to wear this outfit at night to an event, I’d wear black wedge heels, and dark black tights – but I’d keep the sequinned jacket.

Let me know what outfits you’ve been wearing recently in the comments box below!

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!

A x

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