It’s true. I’m a hair dye addict.


So, one thing you may have noticed from my blog is my ever changing hair colour…

I have dyed my hair since I was 16 (that’s just over 6 years ago) and I have had well over 20 changes in colour, cut and style since then (!)

My only advice? Treat your hair with care! I had to have my hair cut short because I bleached it too much! Use treatments, protect it when you style it, and try to wait between dyes.

Check out a brief recap of my hair history below!

See you soon,

Alice x

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An up do with very little ‘up’

Hi! Sorry for not posting in a while!

I recently received quite a few compliments (thanks!) about a hair style I wore a few weeks back.

The look only uses hair slides/bobbie pins, and is really simple to do.

Section your hair into 2-4 inches (depending on the thickness of your hair, the size of your pins, and the look you’re going for – a more slick look will want smaller sections, but a larger, more voluminous look will require larger sections), back comb each individual section, then grip in place.

In the images below I’ve used contrasting hair slides so you can see how the look is put together – but accessorised hair slides look great for an updated evening style.

To secure the look, I either spritz with hair spray, or apply a small amount of serum or wax to any fly always.

If you have any questions about the look, please leave them in the comments box below.

Thanks for reading!
A x

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Outfit – Lost


Been driving round and round some random back roads in the middle of nowhere trying to find this weeks football pitch – finally here!

This week I’ve seen lots of great berry shades – deep reds and purples look fab with black. So, I’ve teamed a berry skater dress with leggings and black faux leather boots – and a FAB leopard print bowling bag, it is sooo useful – from New Look

My hair is really fickle, as soon as its a bit windy it goes wild. So…I’ve clipped my fringe back and sprayed hairspray onto a brush before I combed it through, to keep my hair relatively straight, and it’s worked so far!

I’m also testing some 10 day nail varnish from Bourjois – I’m writing another blog on that in a few days, I’ll let you know how it gets on then!

Let me know what you think, and what your wearing this weekend. Also, post links to your blogs in the comments below for me to check out 🙂

Happy Saturday!

A x

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